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Sanken Microphone Co., Ltd. is known as a professional microphone manufacturer which has the longest history in Japan. The company was established in 1925, and started to create microphones for really professional use.

The Sanken Production and Live microphones provide a wide range of pure, transparent sounding shotguns, lavaliers and head worn mics for TV and film production, broadcast and live performance. They are designed and meticulously engineered in Japan using the latest technology and include many innovative features such as membranes impervious to humidity and temperature change.

The result is a set of mics that have phenomenal frequency response, accurate off axis response, exact patterns, exceptional shotgun directivity and rejection, minimal proximity effect, low noise and high SPL tolerance

Academy Sceientific and Technical Award

Academy Sceientific and Technical Award

Sanken staff

It is great pleasure to inform that we Sanken Microphone Company Limited was awarded Academy Scientific and Engineering Award for the original innovation and continuous refinement of COS-11 series of miniature lavalier microphones. Official announcement was made by AMPAS which is written on their website (https://www.oscars.org/sci-tech/ceremonies/2020).

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