The 301 Remote Head has all of the features which have become the trademark of egripment remote heads. It is strong, responsive, easy to use, and has an incredible smoothness of movement.

These features include functions such as speed adjustments for pan, tilt and zoom, reverse switches for pan, tilt, zoom and focus, adjustable electronic dampening system (eds) to ensure a smooth start and stop.

We offer you a choice to operate the Egripment 301 Remote Head from the back of the crane arm or from a separate table support. Between the controls for pan, tilt, zoom and focus you will find the electronic control unit of the head, from which the operator can easily control and adjust all of the functions of the Egripment 301 Remote Head.



Maximum load:   

15 kg


16,6 cm


18 cm


47 cm


9 kg

Minimum speed:   

360 ° / 2880 min

Maximum speed:   

360 ° / 3 sec

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