The Egripment StarCam Studio is the latest version of the Egripment Starcam tower product line. Evolutionary improvements and based on the classic StarCam System with the possibility to use the column either upright or hanging – all in one unit.

The Egripment StarCam is made of strong, square aluminum tubes, in combination with stainless steel reinforcement points. The individual elements are guided in square, synthetic bearings, offering high strength with a minimal friction.

The all-new StarCam Studio now has increased payloads 60 kg | 132 lbs. when used hanging, and up to 75 kg | 165 lbs. in normal upright operation, and still maintains the strongest safety demands.

The telescoping, remotely controlled Electric Column lifts the camera with any Remote Head, such as a HotHead, HotShot, 205 Head or 306 Head straight up to a maximum platform height of 1,60 mtrs | 5.25 ft. Creating an average maxium lens height of 2 mtrs | 6.56 ft.

The movement is very smooth and can be used during the shot. The hand or computer controlled movement is completely proportional and you can adjust the degree of ramping during the start and stop. Easy to set up end stop for individual top and bottom limits.

The StarCam Studio can easily be operated by one person, by joystick or foot pedal. Egripment’s StarCam Studio is very easy and quick to mount in every location, no matter if it stands up ride on a leveling floor cross, a dolly, a flat plate or hanging upside down in the ceiling truss – simply at almost any position. Optional accessories like bazooka extensions, encoder package in combination with Egripment Tracking Interface for Virtual Studios and Augmented Reality as well as low mode remote brackets complete the StarCam Studio Product Line.

Min Height:   

0.92 m

3.02 ft

Max Height:   

1.60 m

5.25 ft

Max Speed: 

0.75 m/s

2.46 ft/s


34 kg

75 lbs

Load capacity upright:   

75 kg

165 lbs

Load capacity hanging:

60 kg

132 lbs


230 V AC

110 V AC