IQOYA CONNECT is a simple and powerful cloud-based service designed to give broadcasters complete control over their entire codec fleet. This service is responsible for establishing broadcast quality communications between IP codecs through our audio over IP infrastructure. DIGIGRAM have designed their own audio over IP infrastructure to supply customers with reliable, high-quality audio, and secure communications and to enable interoperability with third party codecs.

IQOYA CONNECT is a web platform and a connection service designed to ease day to day operations surrounding all phases of remote broadcasting over the internet for journalists and technicians. 

IQOYA CONNECT makes location challenges irrelevant as it enables journalists to establish broadcast quality communications regardless of their location, thanks to a reliable, high quality audio and fully secure connection. Technicians, on the other side, use the platform to remotely manage a codec fleet and custom user profiles, monitor in real time all communications and remote control codecs including the management of live sessions with IQOYA GUEST. 

High quality & reliable connection
Seamless broadcast audio quality communications from anywhere
Plug & play
Auto-configuration of codecs
100% secured
Rock-solid built-in protection against cyber attacks targeting on-air programs
Configurations follow users
Settings follow the journalist, not the device
24/7 hotline operational support
Remote intervention within 30 minutes in the event of a service interruption



  • Prepare remote broadcasts in advance to avoid any live pressure.
  • Oversees global fleet activity in real time with monitoring features via remote controls. 
  • Reliability:
    Highly available connection service
    Resilient communications.
  • Safe and secure:
    Audio stream sources are authenticated: you control what goes on air
    Journalists can only connect to the right destination.iconnect journalist
  • Graphically friendly and intuitive web interface


  • Never alone on the field:
    Journalists can request for remote assistance anytime
    Technicians can take full remote-control of the portable codec.
  • Journalists share codecs without losing their personal audio preferences.iconnect-broadcaster.jpg
  • Journalists can focus on their job: create content.


  • Save money: Journalists share field codecs
    No need to send a Technician to every remote broadcast
    No need to design, install and maintain your own audio aver IP infrastructure.
  • Flexible remote broadcast management


Workflow remote broadcasting


Connection service:

  • Based on SIP
  • Secured by SBC, no ingress traffic to authorize in your firewall
  • Compatible with any EBU Tech3326 compliant codecs
  • High availability
  • Low latency
  • Compliant SMPTE 2022-7
Web platform

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