Academy Sceientific and Technical Award

Academy Sceientific and Technical Award

Sanken staff

It is great pleasure to inform that we Sanken Microphone Company Limited was awarded Academy Scientific and Engineering Award for the original innovation and continuous refinement of COS-11 series of miniature lavalier microphones. Official announcement was made by AMPAS which is written on their website (

Pocket Light II


Professional TV journalists, corporate users, bloggers, photographers work with Pocket Light, it is used for video conferences, interviews, Internet broadcasts, etc.

Pocket-Sized Tunable LED Light With Self-Contained Rechargeable Battery

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* С 24 февраля 2022 г. в связи с санкциями приостановлена деятельность на территории России и Беларуси. Business in Russia and Belarus has been suspended due to sanctions restrictions since February 24, 2022.